Video projection

Video projection

Alfa Show 4DAlfa Show 4D

“Alfa-Show 4D” became the best present to Moscow city for its 864th birthday and to Alfa-Bank which celebrated its 20th anniversary.

More than 800 thousand people enjoyed the unique full blasted show: the front of the main building of Moscow State University with a total area of 25500 square meters served for a while as a huge screen for video projection. It’s world record, registered in Guinnes Book of World Records!


One of the key moments at the Festival of Light 2009 in Pittsburgh, was a projection work "Palimpsest" by Mr. Ross Ashton, ETC Company.

ETC London in 2009 once again created a stunning 90-meter long panoramic projection for the parade of military bands.

On July 14, 2009 as part of annual celebrations of Bastille Day was a terrific show, dedicated to 120 anniversary of the symbol of France — the Eiffel Tower.

ETC Paris once again broke all records of video projection. At this time the Company participated in the commemoration of 400 anniversary of Quebec-City, which was held from June 20 to August 24, 2009.

The walls of City Chambers of Glasgow transformed into a giant canvas for panoramic projection (75 meters in width, 25 meters in height) during the celebration of 250 anniversary of the great Scottish poet Robert Burns.

The event was organized by the Municipal Council of Glasgow. ETC London Company provided equipment and its experience for this event. Graphics for the projection created by Mr. Ross Ashton, already known to the Council for his numerous projects.


ETC London, specializing in the creation of panoramic projection shows, participated in the celebration of 800 anniversary of Cambridge University. The company presented a 50-meter projection on the Senate Building and the Old School.

For the first time in the history of London's 107-meter facade of the SHELL building on the south bank of the Thames became a giant canvas for video projections during the 2009 New Year celebration — show, organized by the mayor.

ETC company took part in organizing the celebrations in Moscow of sixtieth Victory. Projection show on Poklonnaya Hill was the culmination of the holiday.

ETC company offers to use a panoramic video projection during public events. Quality modern projection equipmentof ETC Company — Christie Digital projectors, and a unique management platform ONLYVIEW — allows you to decide any tasks. As a rule, public events have entertaining features. These are the Town Days, musical performances, festivals and events devoted to the New Year, Christmas, Maslenitsa Festival, etc. The problem of the organizers is to create a colorful and fascinated performance. Organization of events includes the design of the venue (with the help of aerostats, banners, etc.), theater productions, concert performances and fireworks. However, nothing can be equal to the dynamic video projection.

Offering services to create a large video projection in the organization of events, the ETC Company focus our attention on the fact that every project is performed against its individual plan. The basis for the video projection can be absolutely any surface: from the standard screen to the complex natural and architectural buildings (churches, monuments, triumphal arches, etc.).

Initial steps for preparing of video projection is writing the photoplay, and inspection a venue by specialists. Then, you have to collect the necessary material, which may include photos, graphics files, specially prepared animated series, etc. All material is processed through a special program ONLYVIEW. At the final stage of preparation our specialists will montage required equipment at venue and produce adjustment and calibration tests.

As you know, the organization of cultural events requires a responsible and competent approach, professionalism and great experience in this field. All of these necessary qualities, without which impossible any truly successful organization of events, are inherent to consolidate and skilled team of ETC professionals. Our main specialization is the full technical support, maintenance and organization of cultural events with a panoramic video projection of any complexity at a high level of quality.

It is no secret that in addition to staff professionalism and responsibility an important role plays the hardware condition, status of software and technique available in the arsenal of the company, which entrusted the organization of cultural events. In this sense, ETC Company is equal to high point, using the best modern equipment from leading manufacturers, as well as a unique platform for managing their own solution ONLYVIEW to create high quality panoramic video projections in the organization of events.

You can safely pass on the ETC Company’s shoulders the organization of cultural events with a spectacular panoramic video projections beginning from concept, photoplay writing and development of designs for your show, ending with a full technical support visualization, animation and 3D-modeling, and coordinating of graphic series with audio content and the onstage action show. In such a important and significant work as the organization of cultural events a artsy treatment is simply unacceptable, therefore, please use the services of ETC professionals; its portfolio has dozens of successful global photodynamic projects. With us your holiday — in safe hands!