Video projection

Video projection


The IV International Festival «Circle of Light» took place in Moscow from October 10 to 14th, 2014. During this event the architectural space of the city was traditionally used as object for multimedia installations and light shows, ART VISION videomapping contest. During this event the architectural space of the city was traditionally used as object for multimedia installations and light shows, ART VISION videomapping contest. The Circle of Light festival is the winner of Russia’s Brand No 1 award (2013) in the Festival category, and the Brand of the Year/EFFIE award (2011 and 2012) in the Entertainment category.
 Romeo and JulietteRomeo and Juliette

The tragedy “Romeo & Juliette” opened on October 13, 2012 in Satirikon theater. ETC Russia implemented multimedia scenery for the play.
 Easter 2012Easter 2012

15 April, on Sunday night, all space in front of the business center “White Square”, as well as surrounding streets, were packed with people. Video projection by ETC Russia dedicated to Easter attracted thousands of viewers like a magnet.

Nonprofit orientation became the main feature of this project. ETC Russia team together with “AIG / Lincoln Russia” and \"Gift of Life\" foundation organized this fest in the Resurrection of Christ in order to help children fighting cancer.

Alfa Show 4DAlfa Show 4D

“Alfa-Show 4D” became the best present to Moscow city for its 864th birthday and to Alfa-Bank which celebrated its 20th anniversary.

More than 800 thousand people enjoyed the unique full blasted show: the front of the main building of Moscow State University with a total area of 25500 square meters served for a while as a huge screen for video projection. It’s world record, registered in Guinnes Book of World Records!


International Military Music Festival “Spasskaya Tower”, uniting bands from all over the world, year over year becomes the climax of all festivities, on a noble scale celebrated on Moscow Day.

Moreover, according to many Russian and foreign mass media, participants and guests of the show, this festival is one of the most significant and memorable events in cultural life of Russia. And 2011 has been no exception.

 Jaguar ShowJaguar Show

A unique project for the client — the world famous motor manufacturer «Jaguar» — the ETC Russia Company realized jointly with «Mindshare Russia» and «Sunlight Outdoor» Agencies.

On Red Square in Moscow hosted the International Military Music Festival \"Tower of Savior”, joined together bands from different countries.

This is a gift of the All-Russia Exhibition Centre to its guests, timed to the conductivity in these days of agricultural trade show of the same name.

One of the key moments at the Festival of Light 2009 in Pittsburgh, was a projection work "Palimpsest" by Mr. Ross Ashton, ETC Company.

The President of Malta, Mr. George Abela refers to a specialist company ETC London Mr. Ross Ashton to develop a video projection for the two-hour concert Rockestra — event organized by the Joint Charity Foundation of Malta.

ETC London in 2009 once again created a stunning 90-meter long panoramic projection for the parade of military bands.

On July 14, 2009 as part of annual celebrations of Bastille Day was a terrific show, dedicated to 120 anniversary of the symbol of France — the Eiffel Tower.

XXI century is the time of development of the entertainment industry. However, the abundance of recreational opportunities has led to the modern viewer that has become extremely difficult to surprise. Even the elegant fireworks are now nothing more than a logical conclusion of the holiday. Therefore, in the recently popular demand the show with the latest audiovisual technology. As part of such events creates a large-scale light projection (static or dynamic) on the site. In the role of objects could be a building, sculpture, architectural, industrial buildings, stadiums, etc.

ETC Company offers the latest developments in a large video projection.

Video projection shows are often mistakenly called laser. Laser show — the direction of pop art, where as the primary means of fine laser beams. Image created by the laser equipment can be both relatively static and dynamic.

In contrast to laser show, video projection provides event organizers more opportunities, allowing you to display recognizable images from movies, pictures, animations and other video sequences.

Video projection equipment allows us to create realistic animated images, increasing the viewer\'s emotional response to the action. In each case uses a unique video series, whose content can be determined in accordance with the theme of the event.

When planning activities, using a panoramic video projection should be carefully selected set design and visual content. Typically, video projection shows synchronized with music and what\'s happening on the scene of action.

Organization of events — video projection show.

Increasingly in demand today are service of companies specialized in staging and full technical support multimedia show at all events, from business presentations, ending with concerts and festivals. Already more than one cultural event does not pass without the organization of a laser show, holography and other special effects. Many people mistakenly believe that the top and the most spectacular means of any media representations is a laser show and such order considered as very prestigious.

However, with technological advances in the first place in the arsenal of modern media of light effects goes video projection. From a technical point of view of production and providing a panoramic video projection is more complex and time-consuming process than the organization of a laser show, however, and the effect of this multimedia presentation several times higher than any other light or laser light show. So if you are the organizer of the holiday or presentation and already have an idea of laser show, video projections will be ordered next step to create an unforgettable impression on your event.

Currently, various concerts and any celebrations, presentations and theater performances cannot should be done without such tools as a multimedia laser projection, lighting and scenery panoramic video projection. As well as light or laser show video projection is an integral part of any modern presentation. But the difference from the organization of a laser show are in a much broader capabilities panoramic video projections that lets you create with it not only colorful and vivid visuals, but also the most realistic 3D-animation.

To date, video projection is the most modern, most spectacular and entertaining tool for staging a multimedia show, presenting a unique technology, with which it is possible to create a vibrant, expressive and recognizable images of the truly monumental paintings and large-scale actions. According to its entertainment, beauty and novelty of video projection as an exceptional and unique in its way a form of artistic expression is unequal to other and beat any light or laser light show.

Panoramic video projection, qualified technical organization and production — is the main specialty of the company ETC. With years of experience at international and Russian market, professional team of ETC Company has developed its own unique software that allows a panoramic video projection on any surface, from the usual screen to landmarks, industrial structures and monuments.