Jaguar Show

Jaguar Show

26 March 2011, Manege Square

26 March 2011, Manege Square

On March, 25th and 26, 2011 in the center of Moscow has passed Jaguar show

A unique project for the client — the world famous motor manufacturer «Jaguar» — the ETC Russia Company realized jointly with «Mindshare Russia» and «Sunlight Outdoor» Agencies.

In the heart of Moscow at the Manezh Square the facade of hotel «Moscow» has become a huge screen. Within two days, March 25 and 26, 2011, from 19:00 to 24:00 Muscovites and visitors can watch an amazing video projection show in 3D.

The building of hotel «Moscow» changed the fashion and outlines in the style of the «Jaguar» brand, was revive every second in the new, colorful forms. Implementation of the projection and creation of content — it is the difficult process that requires skill and experience, so the choice was shut down on «ETC Russia» Company.

The project was a challenge both to ETC Russia Company working crew and to the client, to the organizers, and to the technical artists — each made beyond what deemed possible.

A great feeling of reality provided both the powerful projectors with the highest image accuracy, and the team of professionals involved in the project.

ETC Russia Company could fully reflect the basis of «Jaguar» brand, and it commitment to the technical innovations and to the technical excellence.

The scale of the spectacle and its audience appeal, as well as a place for its implementation — the heart of the great country — fully reflected the dynamics of the rebounding motor industry.

Promotion in figures:

Illumination Square (screen – the facade of «Moscow» Hotel) 5,000 square meters
Operated 12 projectors
Light Flux Value 240,000 lumens
Distance form projectors till screen 168 meters
Video File Resolution 5 644 х 2 888 pixels
Audio Output 100 kW