To date ONLYVIEW is the best program for creating video content and implementation of the projection. This program has unique characteristics and can be applied equally to public events, conferences, performances, TV performances.

Using powerful modern computer video cards, ONLYVIEW allows you to create stunning effects that can be observed directly through running program.

The main features
of the program

ONLYVIEW program can synchronize with ONLYCUE, (ETC company’s software for video projection control) for easy and smooth integration of video and large format projection in a single view.
  • ONLYVIEW connects screens with one another, creating a panoramic image.
  • ONLYVIEW can be synchronized with the moving objects in real time. High speed.
  • ONLYVIEW allows you to make changes to the script in real time.
  • ONLYVIEW allows you to import and animate graphics files.
  • ONLYVIEW allows simultaneous use of real video, video material and computer images.
  • ONLYVIEW can use multiple time-line, jump from one timeline to another in any order.