Projectors manufactured by Christie Digital deliver the highest image quality on all surfaces and screens. A sufficient number of the most powerful video projectors allow the company to implement the ETC light-dynamic global projects.

Plasma panels with Trademarks “Pioneer”, “Panasonic” and “Samsung” in various sizes are essential and effective to use in small projects.

Video Studio equipped with HDV-video cameras and the auto editing stations, and produces superior video quality.

It should be mentioned that connections of all elements of a complex technical system of production and video output switching by equipment of world leaders in this industry.

ЕТС specializes in the creation of panoramic video projections. This direction involves organizing complex actions that requires careful preparation, including analysis of the situation on the place of public events, compiling the script writing, the activity of designers, technicians, etc.

Directly in the course of the event determining factors are the staff’s complete professionalism and capabilities of projection equipment. If our company organizes the show, the equipment is delivered to the event location first. On-site specialists carry out the installation and testing to ensure the success of the event.


Christie Roadster S+20K


Due to its characteristics projector Christie Roadster S +20 K is actively used for stage productions. Distinctive features of the projector are high quality and unsurpassed brightness in combination with a compact and convenient design of the body, has easy montage and shipping.


Christie Roadster HD18K


Company Christie presents a wide range of HD-projectors: light, low power consumption is 10% brighter than competing models — Christie raises the quality of HD-video projection to a new height.

Today, the activities of the entertainment show industry is simply inconceivable without the usage of modern equipment: a laser show, lighting decorations for the stage, video projection and animation — all need technical support. Advertising, promotion and business industry is also widely used all modern multimedia capabilities, making it an integral part of any presentation or exhibition. Equipment is often taken for rent both for light-dynamic installation and laser show. A recent market advertising and entertainment industry is increasingly gaining a panoramic video projection — the latest development in the most modern multimedia facilities.

Projection equipment and technical means to ensure a panoramic video projection in many ways similar to the equipment for the laser show, but unlike the latter have much more features. And while the standard equipment for a laser show has less weight and more compact, however, the security light beam projection equipment is much superior to any equivalents. Especially when you consider that any laser show equipment makes potentially negative impact on human health, and scanning technique of mainstream audience is the most spectacular and eye-catching way, then choice for a more modern and secure multimedia means is obvious.

The ETC company, which specializes in the creation and technical organization of the panoramic video projections, in addition to full support of various events with bright and colorful visuals, realistic 3D-animation and light-dynamic design, also offers its own unique projection equipment for rent. Modern fleet of professional video projection equipment of last generation CHRISTIE DIGITAL TM will transform any event into a spectacular show. In addition, renting a video projector in the company ETC is different competitive cost that will make any event with its use not only entertaining, but also profitable deal.